Real Power Is Collective And Real Happiness Is Communal.

What is the role of the ambassador? Ambassadorship can take many forms.

Advocate - As an advocate you are out there telling folks about the project and spreading awareness. You are posting, sharing, flyering, talking it up, connecting me with groups and leaders that might want to get involved. You wear the pins and the stickers. You stitch. You are the stitchers and verbal recruiters!


Community Builder - As a builder, you are gathering folks up and coordinating Badass HERstory stitch ups. You have educated yourself about the project and you can confidently share the information with others. Maybe you invite your friends over to stitch once a week. Maybe you host a big ass stitch-up in a park or library! You are the coordinator and host.


Civic Engagement Catalyst - This is pretty next level. You are acting as both an advocate and a community builder but then you take it a step further. You are gathering folks together on a regular basis. Your initial gatherings are to share the project and get stitching. As you all get into the creative flow, you are leading conversations around the change that your community wants to see around them. You are working with your stitch community to identify ways you can create this change and then putting together action plans for how you all are going to catalyze and mobilize around this change. Like I said, this is next level stuff.


Don't worry if you have never done something like this before. Actually, don't worry about anything - it's not good for you. Below you will find all sorts of resources, tools, and instructions on how to participate at any level. You should have everything you need to evaluate what is involved and what you are comfortable with. You don’t have to commit to anything. I only want you to take on what you feel would bring you joy and energy.




Ambassador Toolkit

The toolkit is a complete “How To” guide for ambassadors who want to host stitch-ups and convene community around this project. I have hosted 70+ workshops over the past 8 months in order to figure out best practices and compile this kit for the team. That said, like everything, you will make it better as you jump in and start hosting events and providing me feedback and suggestions. I will iterate this as often as necessary to ensure it is as comprehensive and helpful as it can be. Read through and get at it!


Drum Roll….


Tools for Spreading the Word

Below you will find links to a google drive that contains several folders with totally designed pdf's (THANK YOU Jennifer Wisniewski!) I wish I could afford to pay to print these for everyone but .... yeah. I figured I would do the next best thing. I will provide you with the files and you can do as you like. Maybe you know a dope-ass button maker who would cut you a deal? Maybe you can print stickers from home. Maybe you can afford $50 to have postcards printed to distribute. You are welcome to use these as you see fit. 

Additionally, there is a fill-in-the-blank flyer that is sized 81/2 x 11 so any home printer will work. You can add all of the details of your upcoming events and cover your community in them. 

If you do end up using these tools, would you send me pictures for the social media? Thanks!




Badass Herstory Ambassadors

Ambassadors are women, women-identified, and gender non-binary folks who know the importance of building community. Badass HERstory ambassadors are leaders who can engage, guide, and encourage others to participate in the project and their community. They are ambitious humans who can inspire others to slow down, put down their devices, and use their hands and hearts to explore and create their stories. Ambassadors are badasses who want to bring people together! 

Thus far, 600 of you from the world over have raised your hand to say you want to be an ambassador and nothing warms my heart more. I mean, look at that map!!!!! That's YOU. 

If you signed up as an ambassador already, I will be in touch next week to ask you a few questions and get the contact info (if any) you want to share so that other can connect with you. If you are ready to join us as an ambassador - in any capacity - then use the form below to register. 

You are the sparks!!!


Become An Ambassador!

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Bye Trolls


I get it. I'm creating a project FOR women, women-identified, and gender non-binary folks. We live in a patriarchy. That's going to make some people feel confused and angry because...patriarchy. I will say it a million times if I must. THIS ONE PROJECT isn't FOR men. It's not against men, it's not anti-men, it's not divisive.

Badass HERstory is a project to lift up the stories and voices that are commonly suppressed, ignored, and erased. I refuse to feel bad about that. I refuse to debate it. 

To that end, if you find some man humans (or non-man humans) in your life reacting inappropriately to this project, just show them this video and then ghost. Do not feel like you owe anyone any sort of explanation. This is ours. That's ok.