Ambassador Feature: Cassandra Rosenthal - Oregon


Ambassador: Cassandra Rosenthal

Tell us about your Badass HERstory events:

Generally, small groups which leaves time for guidance with the project and chatting about local events and politics. I usually start out the event with brainstorming questions for new people, others who have already started their projects can just dive in. I am there to help with how to start embroidery and usually one or two other people also have experience to help. We all share our stories and what brings us to this project, which is a nice bonding moment. We usually meet in a small local women-owned art gallery which gives us a free, safe space to have our discussions and work on our projects.

I do ask that people bring their own supplies, but I also have some supplies for anyone who isn't able to afford supplies.

What inspired you to want to be an ambassador?

I thought this project would be an amazing way to get female identified people together to discuss what's important to them and take control of their stories.

What did you learn from the process?

It's hard to organize events.

What worked? What didn’t work?

People are always asking me about a timeline or end date / due date for the projects, which I don't know.

Shannon interruption: That’s a great point. I have yet to set a hard deadline as projects like this tend to set their own growth pace. I ask everyone to get them to me “as soon as they can” and as we start to amass massive quantities I will set a firm deadline. Thank you!

Did anything surprise you?

I've had people tell me after the events how much they needed it. I think the catharsis of being able to talk in a safe space and do something meditative and creative with your hands can be really healing.

What were you most proud of?

That we are creating more community here.

What else would you like to share?

If anyone has questions or anxiety about attending, I would really like them to reach out to me because if they want to participate but are uncomfortable with groups, I'd be happy to meet them 1:1 to get started on this project.


Shannon Downey