Ambassador Feature: Regina Wahl - Germany


Ambassador: Regina Wahl - Germany


Tell us about your Badass HERstory events:

Over the last few years, I stopped celebrating my birthday on my actual birth day (it´s New Year´s Eve and everyone is celebrating so it´s not a problem to avoid the party ;-). Instead I usually invite my friends and family in the summer to spend an evening together discussing my favorite topics (feminism, death positive movement...) accompanied by beer and snacks. This year I did a Badass HERstory "gathering" :-)

I invited everyone and because of the summer holidays only some of them came, but everybody engaged in some way: by writing a short message on that day, by cheering on the group, etc.

We met on a Friday afternoon: four women, beer, snacks, sewing machine, sewing material and several ideas. None of the women in the group knew each other: I am friends with all of them, but we don´t share the same circles. But instead of being strangers who didn´t know what to talk about, we had a blast!

What inspired you to want to be an ambassador?

I liked the idea of holding an event and to spread the idea in Germany/ and in my community.

What did you learn from the process?

Because I do art every day, it isn´t a big thing to share my art but a lot of people were intimidated by the idea of sharing their work. I always have an idea of what to do, but all of the other women were not so sure what to do or needed help to get an idea. But this is how we learn from each other, right?

What worked? What didn’t work?

I think I haven´t had a lot of expectations about the event, so everything worked quite well...It was only four of us, so we could easily go with the flow.

Did anything surprise you?

What surprised me was the way that strangers met, but they all immediately had a connection and started to talk and tell their stories like they were friends since school...

What were you most proud of?

I was proud of everyone at the event for doing the best they could and not letting perfectionism stop them from doing what they wanted to do.

What else would you like to share?

I love the idea that all around the world, women are gathering to share a drink and a story and that I was a part of it! :-)



Shannon Downey