Woman Made Gallery, Chicago

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You can now RSVP for the Chicago stitch-up I'm hosting at Woman Made Gallery. I could not love a gallery more. I sat on the Board of Directors for years. If you don't know this non-profit gallery yet you need to. 

Listen to this:

Woman Made Gallery is a tax-exempt, not-for-profit organization founded in 1992. Its goal is to cultivate, promote and support the work of female-identified artists by providing exhibition opportunities, professional development, and public programs that invite discussion about what feminism means today. More than 8,000 women artists have exhibited their work since WMG was established. WMG welcomes the participation of people of all gender expressions and orientations as artists and program participants, members and supporters.

I mean....right?! 

The space can only accommodate 24ish people so RSVP ASAP. Don't worry Chicago - I'll be hosting lots more around town if you can't get into this one - or host your own and invite me so I can party crash!

July 22nd from 1-4pm
Details and RSVP info here.

Shannon Downey