I promised I would teach you how to embroider if you wanted to learn. Despite my complete discomfort with having a video camera in my face, I have made you these videos because I love you and I love embroidery and I think you two would get along great.

My friend JJ, founder of Imagine, Like shot and edited these videos (actually all of the videos on the site) and I just want to shout out his generosity of spirit in supporting the project and our community. I would also like to yell at him just a little for all of the gifs and outtakes that he sent people over the past few months while he edited them. 

There are 3 videos. The first video will teach you some vocabulary and help you get set up. The second will teach you how to get something onto your blank canvas (using a magic pen or patterns). The third is where you actually learn how to stitch. 

Use these tutorials to get going but then just have fun! Make stuff. Practice. Play around and experiment. Once you have a sense of how to do the thing then start thinking about applying your new skills to the project and telling your story. Most of all, HAVE FUN! 

Warning: You will meet my dogs in these videos. They are the cutest dogs in the world so prepare yourself for the onslaught of fluffy adorableness. 

I also do not say a single curse word in any of these videos so anyone with sensitivities to cursing and/or any age human can watch them and learn. It wasn't fucking easy, I'll tell you that.

More Stitches!

On my personal website, there are over 50 different stitch tutorials that you can use to teach yourself some seriously fancy stitches. The ones below are the ones that I  think you might want to start with. If you click the image it will take you the full tutorial on my website. Each tutorial includes step-by-step photos and examples of how the stitches can be applied. YOU ARE GOING TO BE SUCH A BADASS STITCHER!!!!



IMG-6977 (1).JPG


Here's the material list to get you started embroidering. These are the products that I buy because they are my favorites. I'm not a product or brand ambassador. I recommend you go to a local craft store and buy what you need from a small business. That said, it's not a reality for some folks, so here are links to buy them on Amazon. 

Fun story! Do you know about AmazonSmile? If you do your searching and purchasing through AmazonSmile you can select a nonprofit who will get a small portion of your total! Nothing costs more. You just have to remember to enter Amazon through Smile. If you want to be extra - shop through AmazonSmile. If you want to be REALLY extra, select Asian Americans Advancing Justice | Chicago to be your Smile recipient. (Wink Wink)